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2007 Volume 1Origins and Evolution of Fungi
Karatygin I.V.
Fossil Fungi: The Present State of the Problem.
Biology of Fungal Cell
Belozerskaya T.A., Gessler N.N.
Oxidative Stress and Differentiation in Fungi.
Kamzolkina O.V., Matrosova E.V. .
Mitochondria in Fungi.
Fungal Genetics
Shnyreva A.V.
Population Genetics of Fungi.
Dyakov Y.T., Elansky S.N.
Population Genetics of Phytophthora infestans.
Ecology of Fungi
Voronina E.Y.
Mycorrhizae in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Ecological, Physiological and Molecular-Genetic Aspects of Mycorrhizal Symbioses.
Marfenina O.E., Fomicheva G.M.
Potentially Pathogenic Filamentous Microfungi in Human Environment.
Medical Mycology
Ozerskaya S.M., Ivanushkina N.E., Kochkina G.A.
Pathogenic Fungi: Categorization of Biological Risk and Biodiversity.
Tutelyan V.A., Kravchenko L.V., Sergeev A.Y.
Sergeev Y.V.
Medical Mycology in Russia: Current State and Future Directions.
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